Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Happy October! I love this month so much. All of my favorite movies are played, and played often. There is a coolness to the night air that forewarns of winter (or as much a winter as we can get here in Southern California).

October is all about the night life, both real and imagined. Don't you feel the hairs at the back of your neck stand on end when walking down a dark path? Don't you feel that shiver that makes your skin crawl when you're alone but you hear a creak or even a door close? Don't you think twice about walking by the man in flannel wearing a low slung baseball cap? This month is all about fear, mischieviousness, pranks, horror and terror. Even the most hardened person quakes at the unknown terror waiting for them at the end of a dark corridor. Fear grips the heart and doesn't hestitate to whisper in your ear of all the creatures waiting for you...

So here are some survival tips.

Ignore that scratching at your window. Tis' nothing but the sharp claws of a vampire requesting entrance. He/She cannot come in and if they do, are stipped of their power. Ignore that creaky floorboard. It's only Michael trying to find his way home to Haddenfield. Camping isn't wise especially if you are invited out to Camp Crystal Lake. Head towards 1313 Mockingbird Lane instead of Elm Street if you want milder nightmares. Kindly turn down gifts of dolls. Pentagrams are good to use when you know a werewolf and don't have the heart to get rid of him/her... in all other cases, silver is your best friend. Never, NEVER, go investigate a noise coming from total darkness. Don't be stupid so use the front door!

Ok, I hope I at least made people a little nostalgic. If you don't know any of the references above, your horror movie knowledge is lacking! I went last night and bought a couple movies from the best store ever, DVD Planet, so I need to get on those. I heard "Phantom of the Opera" by Dario Argento isn't his close to his best, but a good view. I did watch "Evil Dead II" with friends at our weekly movie night. Bruce Cambell is always a pleasure. I also bought "The Howling" which I've actually seen parts from. I wanted to get the sequel, but I held off. Christopher Lee stars in that one.

More to come soon!!

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