Monday, April 27, 2009

Worse weekend ever?

I just had a bad weekend. Period. The only highlight was seeing my best friend and getting a couple sexy outfits that are guaranteed to get jaw drops. Other than that, my weekend was utter crap.

I'm still in disbelief about Friday night/early Saturday morning. Hell, I'm usually a pro at pinpointing where people are going to be or at least my friends and sources are much more on top of things when I find out stuff through them. My sources are the ones that didn't cut it this time. For me, it makes it just that much worse that I picked the wrong date. I went to last month's show thinking "he'd" [Anthony Head] show, but it was a no go. Tomorrow night is what has lifted my spirits.

Musician George Sarah is playing with his old band, THC, tomorrow night at the Knitting Factory of Los Angeles. A lot of people have heard his music, but just don't know it. If you're a Buffy Fan, his music was featured in Season 4's "Beer Bad" and "Wild at Heart." He even cameoed in those episodes as Veruca's keyboardist. I bought THC's cd this past week and love it. Sarah Folkman on vocals is totally sultry and wanting.

Ok, so I have to fess up to something embarassing. I went to a friend's Vampiric Valentine's Birthday party and saw he was there. She's known him for years and laughed at me when I couldn't introduce myself. I was in heavy make-up and my poor guy friend was sick as a dog so I had to get him out of there asap. I had a million excuses. I think it was the week before, I'm talking to my cousin and venting a bit when he stops me and with an excited expression, says, "George?! We've been friends for almost 20 years!" [My cousin works in the music industry and practically knows everyone. He's really The Master (best nickname ever).] Worse yet, George knows I was trying to talk to him because he asked the Master if we were related or I came up in their conversation somehow. So tomorrow night, I'll be holding my chin up high, camera on my hip, trying not to be super obvious that I'm scouting the whole club for familiar faces. Really, its been ages since I've gone somewhere and just relaxed. There's a vodka tonic with my name on it and an empty, dark booth that is waiting for me.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just Whinning. Grr.

"Speak English, not whatever they speak in, um..."
"England?" -- Buffy and Giles

The first Buffy convention I learn about is the first I cannot attend! This is seriously hurting my fangirl spirit. The reason I'm not going is a good one (major job training, both physical and mental) but it still smarts. Seeing that the Con is being held in London put the nail on the coffin.

I absolutely adore London. Normally I'm no city girl (reason why I visit LA instead of live there), but from the moment I stepped off the plane at Heathrow, I knew there was something that called to me. I did the whole tourista thing but I still went off and "people-watched," seeing how life really was. I ran in the soaking rain, loving it. I took trains, cabbies if it was 3am, and walked everywhere. No matter how hard they try here, we'll never have the public transport they have across the pond. So Buffy Fan Con and London together? Oh, it cuts right down to the bone! I won't even have time to go for a day (since I'm about that desperate to go). I've been torturing myself by checking out the guest list. The one person I want to see isn't on there, at least not yet, and I'm taking a small comfort from that. Hmm... maybe the department will give the recruits some "out of the blue" vacation or even a couple days off? That's wishful thinking, but you never know... Right?

"Did anyone ever tell you you're kind of a fuddy duddy?"
"Nobody ever seems to tell me anything else."
"Did anyone ever tell you you're kind of a sexy fuddy duddy?"
"No, actually, that part usually gets left out. I can't imagine why."
-- Jenny and Giles

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

True Blood at Paley

I really love the Paley Festival. The set up is marvelous and the presentation is just spectacular. I did get there later than I wanted to so I didn't get the best seats. Blame LA traffic and the Dodgers for that. The Fest started right on the dot with the VP of the Media Center saying a quick word about the Paley Foundation and then introducing a short clip of past presentations. After he then introduced a clip that the current Paley (William S. Paley's son) picked out to show the audience before the panel.

It was a Dark Shadows clip. I felt like a 3 year old jumping out of my seat when I saw the black and white scene and heard the music. I actually cheered. The people next to me turned to stare for a moment before looking back at the clip. Mum rolled her eyes as she smiled next to me. The only thing I was a disappointed in was that they didn't show the man himself, Jonathan Frid, as vampire, Barnabas Collins. I seriously think they are setting up for a large panel with the former cast of the show and the new cast of the movie. I am still rooting for that to happen.

Anyway, the moderator was then introduced and the show got rolling, as they say. All the actors were introduced to warm applause and a bit strained enthusiasm. I was surprised to see the audience was mostly older men and women. I thought there would be more 20 to 30 somethings present. The actors I think we surprised at this as well. Alan Ball (writer and director) was hilarious and probably the best speaker. Sam Trammell (plays Sam Merlotte) was also a conversation starter.

The only thing that I have not liked about any of these presentations are the audiences' questions. Really, folks, in the words of Ana Paquin, "Who cares about where the dirt comes from?" That was an actual question. She was nice. I would have slipped a more colorful word in there just to shame the questioner. There were about 2 questions that were decent. The others just made the cast look puzzled and wonder where these people are coming from.

The panel ran out of time at that moment so they abruptly ended the show. The audience at the front immediately flooded the stage to get autographs and closer photos. I was up in the Mezzanine and tried to push my way into the front. A group of old bitties (that reminded me of the dreaded "Twilight Moms") would not budge! If you got a photo and an autograph, move over and let someone else in, instead of hogging up the space with your not-small body. It's simple fan etiquette in my opinion. Even when I met Rickman, I immediately moved over so other people to get their share of the love.

The panel was worth it. Clips from the new Season look fantastic! I won't write what they were to not spoil any of you out there.

Photos of the event can be seen HERE.

Monday, April 13, 2009

1000 Miles

I originally had a four day weekend for the Easter holiday. I took Thursday off to enjoy all that Disneyland has to offer, including the long walks to the parking lot that mysteriously ended up a mile away. Mum treated me for my birthday. It was nice, but Disneyland is always so damned crowded. If there were about a couple thousand less people, it would be perfect.

Anyway, Friday I drove to Tucson, Arizona, to pick up my great-aunt (or biabuela in Spanish). I made extremely good time. I hate driving through Phoenix though because of the cameras. You think the street cameras are annoying? Try having those suckers on the interstate! A delicious meal of tamales set me to rights though. The next morning I drove back and just took my time. I didn't realize how tiring it is to just sit there and pay attention. Hell, I'm still tired. I seriously need rocket fuel-styled coffee.

It feels at the moment like I only had a day off. The thought of seeing the cast of "True Blood" tonight has me struggling to be cheerful and awake. I'll try to post photos here, but more than likely they will all be in my gallery tomorrow. Tonight I just want to enjoy the panel and hope I can get a salad and flaming margarita at El Compadre's afterwards.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Favorite Quotes of the Moment Part I

I am a bit bored and looking to fill in a bit of time so here's my favorite quotes of the moment. Hopefully I can at least put a smile on your face.

Text from Mitchell: "So, get any Head last night?"

Terrance Zdunich: "He was a hot looking girl."

Ryan (9 year old cousin): "I liked Repo!" [I had to ask how and where he watched it. I fear for his sanity... though I am a major contributor to his 'delinquency'.]

Chris (bro): "Nice jump, Officer Trull!" [referring to how I sprained my ankle.]

Mum: "That Grave Robber is hot." [Mum heard "Zydrate Anatomy" on my cell and then had me show her "Repo!" I only had to tell her where the gory parts were so she could close her eyes. Bless Her!]

Jonathan Ross to Tom Jones: "Can I see you naked after the show?"

J. Ross: "He (David Walliams) told me you got an errection and pressed up against him?"
Tony Head: *snorts* [So classy, eh?]

Thursday, April 2, 2009


At the moment I am moping. Yes, I am feeling sorry for myself. My ankle is throbbing and my foot looks like a white canvas with purple, green, and blue paint liberally applied to it. Every time I stand, it shoots a pain through my foot and causes me to shift all my weight onto my right leg. My right leg is now sore. My shoulders are sore from the crutches because I tend to "strong-arm" them instead of using my leg to help me along, too. I slept much better last night since I had the splint off, but I still feel tired.

This month is usually a very good month for me.

On April 13, I'll be at the Arclight in Hollywood for the "True Blood" panel of the Paley Festival. Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin along with all the main cast will be present. That is a lot of beautiful people in one room. "True Blood" is an excellent show and I love how Alan Ball has made it his own. The "Stackhouse Books" aren't well written at all and tend to drag. The show is much more exciting and in depth.

I'm actually looking forward to seeing the Curator, David Bushman, of the museum and hoping to speak with him, too. He had a very interesting idea in an article he wrote sometime ago. With the Vampire genre coming back into the mainstream cinema, why not have a panel with a Legend and a devoted Fan seated side by side? Bushman in the last article hints at trying to set up a panel with Johnny Depp and Jonathan Frid. That would be too bloody cool. It would be every die hard fans wish! Plus, it will be fascinating to hear Depp's take on Barnabas Collins and Dark Shadows in general. Frid would be the wild card in this case. He has been attending the fan conventions, but not sure if he'd be up to traveling down for the panel. I'm sure the Festival would "wine and dine" him and give him every comfort. Depp would be a bit difficult, too, because I don't see him doing this kind of thing. I'll be very surprised if Bushman can pull it off.

I will also be the first one to pay for the membership fees so I can get better seats for that historical event... if it happens.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Darling, when are you going to get rid of Sebastian?

Miracles really can happen. So last night I couldn't sleep. It's probably due to the splint on my left foot and leg at the moment (severely sprained ankle) and its inability to be comfortable. I was just wasting time online and trying to find something extremely boring to read/watch at 2 a.m. I searched through all the news sites I have bookmarked and re-read old news.

It was boring and did not help me sleep. The link I barely noticed did not help me sleep either. I was checking my Yahoo! account and saw I had an email from a certain fan site I joined some months ago. Inside was the link to these gems.

I have two tickets to a semi-private review... featuring a Mr. Anthony Head. Yep, didn't sleep a wink last night. The review is being held at Hemery College of the Arts in Beverly Hills. Tickets are still available HERE. The review is held a la "Inside the Actor's Studio" type of interview. The theater where its held does not have a bad seat in the house. I have seats in the first five rows! Mitchell is joining me as my back-up "slap-Alex if she goes deer-in-the-headlights zombie." I do need back up in these situations. Look what happened to me at the Jimmy Kimmel show. I hang my head in shame!

I must apologize to all those who are going to Chain Reaction on Friday. I love the 100 Monkeys but... We're talking about Tony Head! Scariest villain of Dr. Who (except for those darn monsters from "Blink"), the Prime Minister of Little Britain, The RepoMan, and last but certainly not least, Ripper Giles of Buffy!

So I'm stoked.

In other news, I'll be joining my maternal grandmum, Queen Elizabeth, or Lizzie as the family calls her, for tea this afternoon. I do love the cucumber sandwiches the servants whip up. They've been helping me here at work with my impending sexual harassment case. How was I to know that wasn't a flashlight in his pocket? Well, back to my life as an undercover secret agent of the X-Files department.

[The only true this about this is entry is my sprained ankle sadly.]