Thursday, March 6, 2008

Out of Boredom,

Comes creativity or destruction. Luckily I tend towards the creative, or I'd like to believe. There's no other way to pass the time effectively than being creative, especially if the situation is hopelessly boring and the boredom feels like its caressing your eye lids shut. Take my current situation: I'm sitting in a class in which I could easily review this whole lecture off a power point located on the internet. Actually, all the class lectures were posted in the beginning of this quarter so all one would have to do to get an A in the class, is to review the power points and view the movies posted on the course syllabus. I have more than enough amble time at my current job to leisurely review all these files and notes. Having this knowledge of having to re-review this lecture I'm currently in is not an attractive prospect. Therefore I am paying attention while putting up a post on a long neglected blog.

I am good at multi-tasking.

Sitting here in an air-conditioned room (the temperature outside is in the fifties [I do not comprehend their reason]) makes me long for summer. I cannot wait for the long nights of driving with the windows downs, the warm breezes lifting my spirit, the countless trips into the unknown and the new. I have recently purchases airline tickets to the Windy City. I've been there twice, but each time staying only in the airport terminals. A week in new surroundings sounds very pleasant to me at the moment.

Before this trip, however, I have two more events I will be attending. One I must say I am totally biased towards since I have connections to the people who run the event.

Sometime in July, the dates have not been finalized, there will be a large Rock-a-billy concert in Sin City. I will post more on this later since the official website hasn't updated on this yet.

Another event will be the Dark Shadows Convention in Burbank, CA. I already have my hotel room reserved and am just waiting for the Fest Committee to release the registration forms. Most of the original cast will be present. I've still got hope that David Selby (played Quentin Collins) will make an appearance. Even after forty years, that man still has the most gorgeous blue eyes.

The soft voice of my professor is making it hard to concentrate. I could probably tape record her voice and sell it to insomniacs. She's a sweet lady, but her voice lulls me to sleep.

Au revoir.