Sunday, April 18, 2010

Doctor Vs. Doctor

It has been three weeks of Eleven's (Matt Smith) reign as the "new" Doctor and a lot of mixed reviews have come out. Most are nit-picking about his "style of dress," "his looks," and his seemingly new inability to solve what's happening in the stories (which is more to do with the current story arc, I'm guessing).

Personally I like him. Eleven is actually a bit more like Nine, reverting to action before thinking of the consequences. Last night's (UK) episode proved that when he went straight for the painful option instead of taking a deep breath and following Amy's lead. [Fellow Geeks, you know Dumbledore would have been proud of her.] I also don't think we've seen the whole of Eleven's "range." He's holding back. There's a lot of passion and anger under the surface. I have a feeling he's going to explode later on. I think Ten had the better introduction with "New Earth" and "Tooth and Claw" (one of my favorite episodes) so we can't hold that against Eleven. Also remember, Eleven is still in the shadow of the greatest and most memorable Doctor in "Doctor Who" history. Poor Eleven is trying to find his niche, give the bloke a break!

So here's the ultimate question on every fans mind: Ten or Eleven or Other and why? It'll be interesting to see if people's opinion's change at the end of this season.

Monday, April 5, 2010

"The Eleventh Hour" Mini-Review of the Eleventh Doctor

Who da man? I think Matt Smith is the man of "The Eleventh Hour." And yes, that will be the last time I use that phrase. I was really worried about this gentleman's performance, but it was proved that I need not have been. I'm a Tenth Doctor Fangirl-still-in-mourning so I was very, very leery of Eleven. Matt Smith is attractive in a goofy, long-faced sort of way. The only other show I've seen him in was "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" starring former Who companion, Billie Piper. His part was only a couple minutes long, but he was decent. 

Then there was "The End of Time" with the Tenth Doctor saving the world for the last time. I got teary and had a lump in my throat as I re-watched it peacefully. I thought to myself as Ten started to regenerate, "No, I'm NOT going to like this new guy at all. No way anybody can be as good as David Tennant." I was going to nit-pick and be as biased as I wanted to be. Tennant was gorgeous as the Doctor and that can be proven scientifically. Hell, even my two year old cousin likes him and refers to him as her boyfriend (God bless her!). I watched the preview trailers and saw each promotion photo as it appeared. "Ugh, a tweed jacket?" "Is he really wearing a bowtie?" "Is he trying to copy Tennant's hair? What a poser." I was not going to like Matt Smith at all. No way, no how. 

So naturally, I liked him. Well, that's an understatement. I kind of loved him. Smith has fashioned his own Doctor and rather brilliantly, I might add. For being the youngest Doctor yet, he was able to still keep that Time Lord dignity in tact and make you believe he was much older than he let on. He was fresh and natural, never letting you think, "Oh, Tennant would have done that better." Not once. All and all, it was a fantastic premiere! Bravo, Smith! 

I just have to add that I was never worried about Steven Moffat taking over as he had written some of my favorite episodes ("Don't Blink!"). I'll miss Russel T Davies, but I think I won't for long. If he goes through with Torchwood US, I'm going to be a bit cross with him. Maybe I'm prejudging again but experience has showed me that UK shows cannot be successfully turned into US shows 99% of the time. Anyway, Moffat has been able to assemble an excellent writing team! Toby Whithouse of "Being Human" fame is returning for several episodes. Richard Curtis who wrote and directed one of my favorite Christmas films ("Love Actually." People, come on!) is writing an episode!  Famous comic book legend Neil Gaiman ("The Sandman," "What happened to the Caped Crusader?") has written an episode or two! I can't wait to see the rest of the series. 

One last thing... Did anyone else love how Eleven walked through Ten's image? I thought it was a good tribute to all the Doctor's past selves and an excellent way to show Eleven is the Doctor. Is it time for "The Beast Below" yet?