Sunday, October 19, 2008

Good Luck.

So I'm posting this early since this is really good news for a certain acquaintance of ours who shall remain nameless. Let's call him C. C hates the internet with a passion since it does not allow him privacy so he has never had a myspace/facebook/any social networking thing or blog and has even barred me from posting photos of himself. Also, he believes it has contributed to the lowered intelligence of humanity, and in a sense he's right.

Anyway, since working for Sundance he's been introduced to numerous people and he's played his cards right. I don't like Sundance as a company myself but if it helps him, good. He's filming at the moment and only letting a little information leak every now and then through another source of mine. My source forgot the name of the movie, but when I hear back from him I'll post it.

He's aiming for a release in the 2010 Sundance Film Festival since the deadline for the 2009 one has already passed. Let's just hope this is his chance through the door and offer the support I'm sure he'll need.

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