Friday, October 3, 2008

The End of DB or how Fox is putting out another crappy movie.

AH! First let me get this out of my system. Fox (insert whole body shutter) is making the live action version of "Dragonball." As a child of the 90s I watched DB in both English and Spanish. My Mum watched the anime in Spanish with me and still knows most of the characters. I have episodes on both VHS and DVD. I was hooked on DBZ and watched it religiously after school or practice. I found the movies and watched those. Cartoon Network was kind of late on bringing over DB GT so I didn't get to watch it there, but thanks to the internet, I watched the English dubbed verisions or read up on episode summaries.

I found out Fox wanted to do a live action movie about 6 or 7 years ago. Yes, it has been that long. I was stoked. After not hearing any news for about a year, my ethusiasm faded and I moved on to the next obsession.

Just recently photos and now a teaser trailer have appeared on the net. Not pleased at all on how they look. The casting in my opinion is crap. Goku is suppose to be like 7, not 25, and a chunky kid. He doesn't get ripped until he's an adult. Oh, and since Goku isn't human, he has a tail. Saiyans have tails people! They're were-monkey's during the full moon! I think I cracked up so hard the first time I saw Goku transform. Monkeys are so fierce, right?

The number one reason this movie will suck: If the rumor is true, Goku goes Super-Saiyan. No. No. NO! Wrong series, wrong timeline, just plain wrong! I would rather this movie not be made, than made like this.

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