Thursday, October 30, 2008

And In Other News...

I cannot concentrate worth a damn at the moment. I have a midterm paper that is due at 5 o'clock this afternoon but I can't seem to finish the second part. I have plenty of time since the first part didn't take me more than an hour to do, but I just really hate procrastinating. The thought of being in "Haddonfield" tomorrow has me excited and apprehensive. I'm stoked to be going to the New Bev tomorrow to kick off Halloween with Edgar Wright (unless one of my friends throws a party...). He's always a good guy to listen to and always has good presentations. "Shaun of the Dead" is going to be a riot with the kind of crowds the New Bev brings in. I can't wait to see the original cut of his trailer, "Don't!" that was shown before Taratino's "Death Proof." I freaked in the theater when I saw it when "Grindhouse" opened. Jason Isaac's cameo was the best. I haven't seen "Riki: The Story of Rick Oh" so I'm looking forward to that.

This might seem weird, but I'm sad Halloween is tomorrow. All the time leading up to it, has been wonderful and the thought that it'll be over at midnight tomorrow is depressing. Another 365 days in which to wait again. Another 365 days of sorting through movies to find the diamond in the rough. The only thing that gives me a glimpse of hope is the "maybe" release of "Trick 'r' Treat" sometime next year. I'm still sore about not getting to see it. I guess I'll have to keep Halloween in my heart and be satisfied with that till next year.

Photos of the Myers house should be up Saturday afternoon or whenever I decide to rejoin the real world.

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