Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Debate and Challenge

Damn it! I'm missing the debate. Again. This is the only reason why I hate night classes; I miss all the good programming. I have seen the first debate thanks to the power of tivo, but I still have to see the VP one.

My assessment of this whole crazy situation: Both are spouting the same rhetoric that their political parties stand for, though McCain does uphold economic regulation which most of the Republicans are against. Change? I don't see it. Let's face it, people, "change" has as much meaning as "family values" in the political arena. No one can define those terms. They are abstract concepts. You're a fool if you think change will come in the form of a politician. They're almost as useful as lawyers, but are certainly easier to buy.

Another thing: Celebrities need to stay out of the political arena. Let the grown-ups take care of business, guys. It always amazes me that people will actually listen to celebrities whose lives are in total disarray and have no concept of normal hardships. Yeah, they might have at one time, but they don't anymore. Actors are narcissists who use the world as their stage. They wouldn't be famous if they didn't have that drive to be the best or the charisma to charm their way into the business. Don't be a sheep.

So here's my challenge, tell me why your candidate should win, Obama, McCain, hell even Ralph Nader if you're so inclined. Here's the tricky part... Explain the policies and don't give me short-shit answers like "Just Because" or "He's awesome." That just shows how mature you are and proves my dog, Penelope, has more intelligence.

[Whew, the passion is addicting...]

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