Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Everyone knows Udo Kier...

Again another random writing exercise to not be bored so bare with me. I promise I'll have something substantial in the next few posts which I'll explain below.

First off schedule for the rest week: class, work, class, discussion, debates, more work, and then fun stuff. Fun stuff consists of seeing friends who live out of state as well as me going to a place I've never been before but have been there a hundred times. On Friday night I'll be going to the Grauman's Chinese Theater to see "Parasomnia." I've been to the theater a million times but have never watched a movie in there. I almost did over the summer, but well, due to time restraints and not getting a sacred black bracelet... It still hurts to think about. Anyway, I'll be busy in a good way.

These past couple days have been horrible! My poor car is in the shop again for more replacements. This time the throttle cable broke (which hardly ever happens but I hit the one in a million chance). Then after picking up my car, my axle broke. I wasn't a happy camper. It's 13 years old with over 217K miles on it so I can't be too mad at it. It has been a really good car. I'll probably tear up when I sell it or watch it go to the big parking lot in the sky.

Also, two midterms in one day should be illegal. That's all I'm saying.

The reason why I mention Udo Kier in my title because it's true (and also it was his birthday yesterday). Everyone has seen this man in hundreds of movies but really don't know his name. He usually plays extremely intelligent, sinister, scary characters. In the first "Blade" he's the vampire who gets his fangs pulled out and zapped by the rising sun. He played in Rob Zombie's "Halloween." He's done a cameo in Quentin Taratino's grindhouse (look for him in the "Werewolves of the SS" trailer). Any really weird, scary, thriller he's probably in it. Hell, you just have to look at the man to know he's awesome.

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