Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Um... yeah... Real life snuck up on me and held me in its thrall for a while there. It was hectic, but it came with good news that will allow me to travel around a lot more on my time off so viola.

I'm planning on seeing "Friday the 13th" tomorrow or Thursday depending on if my current plans go through or not. I have a lot more dvds, too, that I'll finally be able to watch and go through without interuption. I'm especially looking forward to new giallo films and need to pick up Argento's other works. I rushed and bought "His Name Is Jason" and am looking forward to seeing it. I finally got "American Psycho" since it was only 4 bucks.

Hopefully I won't take forever to post the new blogs. School, work, future work, and family can be blamed for that.