Saturday, November 1, 2008

You Can't Kill The Boogeyman...

Halloween. Wow. First off, random dance parties that involve nothing but good tunes and strobe lights with people you love are the best. Waking up early after said parties is something that only crazy people do (especially when the party started at midnight...).

Anyway, I went on the bus tour for Halloween's 30th anniversary. It does not seem like the movie is 30 years old. It is still the essential horror movie. After much needed coffee my friend and I headed over to the convention. The tour was great and it felt so awesome to just stand out in front of the house. I shivered when I first laid eyes on the Myers House. We were not allowed to go onto the porch because it is now a private business. The owners painted it blue with pinkish trim. I would have left it white. The owners did not even put any decorations. Didn't they know whose house they owned?! I would have decked that place out with all manners of horrors along with my own Michael walking around, going from window to window, and occasionally walking out onto the porch. Blood would have been everywhere. Yes, they sucked. We were allowed to take photos. Brian Andrews, actor who played little Tommy Doyle, was walking around, happy to pose with fans. My friend has that photo on her camera so I might post it here if I get it soon.

We walked around South Pasadena for what seemed like hours and saw the other filming locations and headed to the schools where they filmed. At the end of the tour we were in Sierra Madre where they filmed the cemetery scene with Dr. Loomis and then some shots from III and IV. We went to the church where "The Fog" was filmed, but at that time, I was dying. A salad and large margarita set me to rights but then we ran out of time to see the Doyle house and also the "Nightmare on Elm Street" house in Hollywood. Photos of our adventure can be seen HERE.

We never made it out to the New Bev because our tour ended at 6 and we were dead tired. Traffic would have been horrendous, too. I was running on two hours of sleep and crashing fast. We did sleep for 3 hours and tried to decide where to go when we woke up. I could have really slept the rest of the night, which after driving back to my house, I did. I'm still beat from the mixture of midterms, papers, parties, and reponsibilities in between so I'm apologize that I'm not more detailed here. I just really wanted to get something out before I forget. More to come soon.

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