Monday, November 10, 2008

OH Crap...

Well, I was reading another review for a movie when I stumbled randomly on this tidbit of information:

JJ Abrams has permission to film The Dark Tower series...

The Dark Tower series is possibly my second favorite set of books by Stephen King; The Stand being his magnus opus. I absolutely loved how King incorporates other characters from his other books such as the doomed Father Callahan from Salem's Lot, lost forever in limbo (or hell). King has big ones for incorporating himself into the story, going so far as to kill himself off and then re-creating the real life accident that almost killed him (years ago he was hit by a car while jogging). The whole series was just one great journey, essentially a spaghetti western with sci-fi and horror in abundance. A reader never knew what was going to happen when Roland, the main character, reached that Tower and fulfilled his destiny. I finished the seventh and last book in one night. I was so hyped to see what would happen and how it would end... I was blown away the next day with shock and in hindsight, thought "I should have known." I'm not going to spoil it, so if you haven't read the series, please do. Be prepared for buying all the connected stories, too, since they hook you in.

I really don't like Abrams. "Star Trek" is in my iffy list of upcoming movies to see. My main reason is the decision to cast Chris Pine as Kirk. That guy cannot act. Everything is so forced. He tries too hard. Pine and Abrams will probably kill the franchise. I haven't seen "Cloverfield" and I will never see it because of the way it was shot. I enjoy not being motion sick during my films, thanks. As for LOST... I tried watching the first six episodes. You know I love stuff that makes you think, but LOST just doesn't make any sense! Irrational would be putting it way too mildly. It's just all drama and not the good kind. It reminds me of the high school shit with no point. It drags on and on with no resolution. Boring.

I hope Abrams is smart and only produces this project. They need a director with a very visually creative mind and who will stay away from CG. I can already picture the stupid studio requesting everything be in CG. CG will kill the series. The whole story is already beyond reality and adding more fakness to it will be the last nail in the coffin. It'll be too "out there" for a large audience.

In all honestly, I hope the films are never made. Go read instead, people.


Soiled Sinema said...

I always hoped to get into the novels. The covers were magnificent and mesmerizing. I personally love Abram's work on Lost and Cloverfield.
Like your blog.


ACollinsVampire said...

Thanks, mAQ.