Thursday, November 20, 2008

Please Excuse this Moment of a frantic Fangirl.


I'm shaking. I'm lightheaded. I can't concentrate on anything for the moment (and well, the past twenty minutes). Rickman has been my first fangirl crush for so long. I've never met him nor had the chance to see him. Now, I find out he's in LA and I have a ticket for the event.

Wow. So this is what it feels like to be a barely breathing, overly excited fangirl.

Is it fate that after posting my last entry I get an email a couple days later? I don't know how I'm going to react when he first walks onto that small stage. Thank God the room it's in isn't large at all. I'll be 20 feet away from him at most if they seat me in the back (which heaven help that person). I'll be running to the back entrance.

I'm blushing already! Just thinking about it has me all "doe eyed" and stupid. Ah! I've made fun of people who are in such a state as this, but now that I'm in it, I can fully appreciate what they went through. It's a rush.

I feel like I'm dreaming and cannot wake up. The next couple weeks are going to be tortuous in the extreme. Oh Lord help me.

Now back to our regular programming. Maybe.


elvy said...

I so envy you!!!
Hope you have a great time. Don't faint! :D

ACollinsVampire said...

haha! Thanks! I should have a full blown fangirl post on that, too. I'm just really hoping for a photo with him (though I know he's not into the fan stuff).