Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Assassin, Murderer, Monster"

It's been two days since I've seen "Repo! The Genetic Opera" and I like it even more today than yesterday. There has not been a movie that has stayed with me in a long time. I've been trying to get other friends to go see it (with the added benefit of myself seeing it again). My review yesterday showed my lack of sleep so it wasn't as passionate as I would have wanted it to be.

I didn't focus on the music so much yesterday, but after really listening to the soundtrack all day after I got off work... wow. Normally I don't even care for rock opera. It would be too distorted to my ears and the voices don't normally go along with the music. I shudder to think what Luciano Pavarotti would sound like with an electric guitar blaring in the background. Sarah Brightman's bell-like soprano with Terrance Zdunich's clear, low voice, along with Anthony Head's powerful one, just all came together and carried the whole movie.

Zdunich's ability to go very low, sometimes even whispering lines, and then suddenly belting out a half growl, made all his songs memorable. As the narrator he knew everything happening and gladly added to the irony of the situations. His sarcastic nature and scorn for the society improved on the story.

Brightman has always been a favorite when she sings within in her range. Yeah, I have to admit I'm a purist Phantom fan which means I probably will not willingly buy an album of Lloyd Weber's musical, Phantom of the Opera, if her and Michael Crawford are not present. That's just me. I've seen the show in Los Angeles and London. It hasn't been the same. She's released other albums where she has tried to lower her range to "normal" singer (ie. singing songs like "Wonderful World," etc). Her voice is too powerful for stuff like that. Did you know that most actresses now who play the role of Christine in "Phantom" cannot reach the same hieght during the aria of the song "Phantom of the Opera?" The song is actually changed subtely to make up for the lost beats. Most people don't even notice. Anyway, in "Repo!" her arias are heard throughout the whole thing! Even in the song "Chase the Morning," Brightman only lowers her register a bit. She dominates the song. Poor Alexa Vega. My confidence would have dived straight down to the negatives.

Tony Head. I walked out of that cold, dark theater with a new voice crush. I don't care what the hell he looks like or how old he is, I could listen to him talk or sing for hours. I loved the way he changed his voice when he was singing as Nathan and Repo Man. Nathan's voice was clear and soft. Once he put on the leather, his voice became much rougher, but a little high. I love how the emotion soakes through, especially at the end. I never watched "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer" so I didn't know he could sing. I did order the whole series the other day since the only time I have watched it was at my friend's bachelor pad.

Again, if you haven't seen the movie, if you're able to, GO! It really is worth it!

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