Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Fall

Absolutely, visually stunning. Breathtaking. A surreal dream and nightmare.

Those were the first thoughts I had as I watched the ending credits role for The Fall. I have not seen a film shot so beautifully. It is a testament that a movie can be made brilliantly without the use of CG. The story is captivating and enchanting. I sat staring at the t.v. screen in awe. I didn't even look up to see who had entered the room when I heard footsteps. Tarsem, the director, hasn't done much ("The Cell" is the only film I've seen and he doesn't have anything else listed on his IMDB page) but I know he'll produce something that'll be just as great if not better than this movie. That is already a tough job to make something better. I'm really surprised this movie hasn't gotten more attention. I definitely know that it hit all the independent theaters and festivals. My brother who works at one of those theaters "one upped" me when I asked him if he's seen the film. He's seen it and met Tarsem during a Q and A they held. Damn it. I should have gone to one of the LA screenings.

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