Monday, November 3, 2008

"Trick R Treat" Book Review

I finally realized that if I can't see the film, I'll read the book (though why I didn't think of this first amazes me). Here's my thoughts.

1) Warner Bros. are idiots for not releasing this film.
2) Michael Dougherty is a man after my own heart.
3) All that is Halloween is represented by the stories interwoven in the movie.

Really, I loved everything. I did cheat and head straight to the stories and then read about the production, but can you blame me? Nothing is what it seems in the stories. The black humor comes out in waves and then lets terror wash over once you realize what you're laughing at. After reading it last night, I truly know that I missed out when the movie screened at ScreamFest and then again by AINC. This would have been the perfect movie for the holiday.

I absolutely hate how studios feel they have an obligation to "protect" the public. I can tell you after reading the stories, I knew more to why the studios didn't release it. Killing kids and stories about tainted candy are horrifying, but it's a movie! Worse is happening all around the world! Where they afraid of some crazy turning into a copycat by poisoning candy or sinister bus drivers thinking of driving a group of kids off a cliff? Believe me, not even 80% of Americans are that creative. There is a simple solution for the studios to remedy their fears: place a warning before the movie and let the audience have a minute to decide whether to walk away or stay at their own moral peril. No one twisted their arm to be there. Now WB has no excuse not to release this film.

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