Thursday, July 24, 2008

The X Files Premiere: I want to Believe.

I got into Hollywood almost at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. I battled the traffic on the 5 and 101 and then had to battle some more on Hollywood Blvd. The sections of Hollywood Blvd. in front of the Grauman's Chinese Theater were already blocked off and LAPD was canvasing the area. I parked in the Hollywood and Highland structure and raced out of it, my classic "I want to Believe" poster rolled tightly in my hand. I met a crowd of curious tourists who really didn't know how to not block a sidewalk. I feared for a minute that I was already too late when I couldn't see a line for the fan conference. I called a very reliable Phile, and friend, and then made my way to the hidden corner where they had people lining up.

I rocked back and forth on the balls of my feet, impatience radiating off of me. I needed to know if I was going to get a seat! Waiting is horrible and should be classified under cruel and unusual punishment. However, they started seating groups of 25 in the stands and the wait wasn't that long afterall. I rushed into the first available roll, camera in hand, ready to take that perfect picture. The sun beat down on everybody, but there was rarely a complaint. Philes looked up and down the cleared-off street, waiting.

And then Frank Spotnitz walked by. The crowd cheered and voiced their appreciation to the Man who made all that possible. He smiled and waved. He looked so pumped up for the Premiere to start. It was only about ten minutes later, I spoted Chris Carter sneaking in through the Kodak Theater to get into Grauman's. His grin was in place when he stood right outside the doors to the theater as he snapped photos of the fans.

David Duchovny was next. He walked in from the left side of the theater (if you're facing it) and right in front of the fans. Gillian Anderson arrived in an Escalade after and looked positively radiant. She's even more beautiful in person.

The Press had a field day with the photos and questions. It was another ten minutes when they finally reached the stage where the fan conference was going to take place. The same moderator from the LA Film Festival presided over it. I won't go into the questions because all were the same we've even heard before. I will mention the map of the world that a couple Philes made, which had X's marking where people had traveled from. That was an awesome gift and I hope Chris Carter was able to pick it up. Another honorable mention is Erica. She told Duchovny, rightfully so, that he should expect his email and comments flooded with video and photos of philes yelling "Nailed It!" That prompted David to smile and correctly demonstrate the way to properly say it. The crowd repeated, but David said, "You need a little more falsetto." Then before they ended the conference, tribute was made to the Philes who had been there since midnight! Wow. They certainly deserved the last gift that Frank gave out that night...

The staff cleared the stage and had Ralph Garmet from local rock radio station Kroq speak with the stars. Other celebrities were arriving at the same time, too. Brian Thompson, also known to us as the Alien Bounty Hunter, was in attendance. He spoke with Ralph for a minute before heading inside. Mark Snow spoke to him about the music. Mitch Pileggi came! He still didn't answer whether Skinner was in the movie or not, but he was entertaining as usual.

It was right before the movie was scheduled to start that Frank Spotnitz came back on stage with Ralph. Fans in the bleachers were already rushing out but I had no clue what was going on.

"Fans with a black wristband, you're watching the movie with us."

Now, here I was happy for all the people who deserved to go in, especially if they had been waiting in line for 20 hours. I was suddenly depressed though because they ran out of wristbands when they got to my group! Can you just imagine how that feels? It cut me deep. Oh well, back onto the show.

The remaining philes scrambled out of the bleachers and to where security was directing them to. I decided to stay until I saw the Press starting to pack up. Good thing, too, because several other XF almuns arrived late. I got a wave out of Rob Bowman as he hurried into the movie.
Jerry Hardin (Deep Throat) was a pleasant suprise.

The sun had mostly set as I walked back to my car. It was a major bummer I couldn't be in the theater, but the day overall, was more than I expected.

Special Thanks again to Frank! You are loved!!

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