Thursday, July 10, 2008

On Hotels, Meeting a Werewolf, and a single Tear.

First off, I must say, the Hilton is a real bloodsucker. It costs 15 bucks to use the internet for 4 hours... I wanted to explode into a coughing fit of "rip-off's" in the lobby.

Next topic. I've recieved word this morning that David Selby will be at the Dark Shadows Festival coming up in a week! After meeting Jonathan Frid at last year's Fest, I had to meet the so called "other man" of the show. There are two scenarios that can happen:

1st: I proudly walk up to Selby's table, bold as brass, ask for a photo and autograph while casually chatting about upcoming projects.

2nd: I'm lost in blue eyes and am pushed out of the way by other fans who are more coherent.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the second scenario will play out. Come on! Give a girl a break when a guy looks so... male. That's the only word I can use to describe him! I've always been a sucker for period pieces, too. He's aged pretty well and his eyes are still a stunning blue. Now here's a werewolf I'll love forever.

Sorry Lupin and Jacob. It must be the slytherin in me to go after pure breds and blue bloods.

Final Topic: I've been watching my collection of horror movies (I have over 60 films that I need to watch in my posession) and last night watched Hammer Horror Film's Phantom of the Opera staring Herbert Lom. I always have reservations with watching films about the Phantom. I still can hear Michael Crawford's soft, anguish cries of "Christine!" whenever I even think of anything related to Leroux's book and still believe Weber's version is the best. Chaney's version is very good if you can get through it. I've only watched it twice all the way through. (Fun Fact: He was a distant relative of our current VP). The silence makes me antsy. I've seen Claude Rains's version and think its decent. (Fun Fact that they don't even have on IMDB: Rains is "seen" for about ten seconds in an episode called "Detour" of The X-Files. One of the character's is watching "The Invisible Man" in which one can hear Rains laughing manically). Anyway, getting back to Hammer's film, there's one scene that captured my attention. The Phantom, Christine, and Harry (the Raoul wannabe) come to a sort of truce ("No! You're suppose to kill Harry! Idiot!"). The Phantom is in the famous box 5 watching Christine sing to him. The camera zooms into the Phantom's mask and does a close up on his right eye. A single tear perfectly falls from his eye and that is all it takes to capture all the sadness and love in that scene. I have a lump in my throat just thinking about it. The movie overall in true Hammer fashion was really bad horror, but hell, isn't that what Hammer Productions was famous for?

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