Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The X Files Premiere and Movie

Ugh. I hate the time right before a movie comes out because of the reviews and last minute publicity the studios are trying to push out. Everyone gets so tense, so excited or irritable. I'm in the excited mode (if I seem irritable, its because a doctor yesterday started cutting me without waiting for the anestisia to take affect and she had the gall to chastise me when I jumped [insert colorful word]). I still haven't seen a whole lot of publicity for "The X Files: I want to Belive" but I think nerds have done well trying to promote it.

I have not read any of the reviews coming out for this movie. I won't till I've seen it. I'm too fond of it. What I have heard though, is that people who have not seen the original show or only know vaguely of it, will like it. X-Philes (the obsessed fans) won't be so happy.

There's two things Philes (and some others) I think must remember:

1) Chris Carter and Frank Spotinitz specifically geared this film to interest a broader audience. The Philes can't carry a film themselves. Period. They need the people that just go to the movies for whatever's on instead of the people who've followed it for years. Sad, but its reality. Carter, himself, has said this point. I really feel if they had geared it toward the Philes, it'd be like Indy 4 all over again.

2) They only had a budget of 30 million bucks. Do you realize that is nothing in Hollywood? Some shows on television are getting more than that! "The Dark Knight" had a budget of 189 million dollars. They made up their money this opening weekend and will probably make all their profit in the weeks to come. If anything is going to hurt XF, it's going to be the marketing and the people who think this is still a movie about aliens.

Tomorrow I'll be at the premiere, jostling over fans for a prime spot by the red carpet. The first 500 get a special press pre-interview and Q&A with the stars. I hope the doctor tonight tells me I won't have to come in again, or I'll be kissing my spot goodbye. I'll also be writing for XFN again so that would be bad if I don't go.

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