Wednesday, July 30, 2008

On Hold. Please Read!!

After many months of researching and thinking over many tough decisions I've finally finalized some of my future plans. After I come back from Chicago I'll be attending a Los Angeles Sheriff's Women in Law day.

Then I'll be taking the test the next time they schedule it (which right now is every Saturday so the last Saturday of August or the first of September).

Basically I'm going back to my original plan of becoming a deputy and then in three or four years deciding whether I'd like to be an agent for the FBI. Right now, I'm trying to copy two people: My Dad (who is a Sergent with LASD) and my cousin Ken (who works as an officer for Las Vegas Metro). I picked them both based on life-styles and how they are generally as people, great guys. Plus, Ken is single like me and travels wherever he wants. I want to do that. I do want to eventually get my MA in Criminal Justice or Administration of Justice (AJ) and I know that LASD will help me in a couple years to achieve that.

If I pass the test at that time, I'll be hired, but put "on hold" until I finish up at UCI. They'll do all my background check and physical fitness and psyche tests at that time. Then once I graduate I'll be going straight into the Academy and people won't see me for a little more than 18 weeks.

Whew! Hopefully this time next year, I'll have my own place, a new car (or *cough* motorcycle), and be happy at that moment.

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