Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dark Shadows Banquet, the Final Post!

So I'm finally going to finish this monster report off. I'll have no time the next couple days, especially with The X Files events in LA, Comic Con in San Diego, and then getting ready to go to Chicago. So here goes!

Mum, Dad, and I only waited for another twenty minutes in line after they had had their fun. I rushed into the banquet room and was able to find a table in the middle for us. The seats in front were reserved and the ones open were already taken. We sat with six other people, two who were really friendly and good company. The two were a gentlemen with his son. The son was in college, too, but a little younger than me. He had mutton chop sideburns so he became a new friend instantly. During dinner, we spoke about the usual topics of how the kids (the son and me) got into the show, how our parents watched it, the DS stars and how gracious they are. Before desert, Jim Pierson got up on stage and held a raffle. Our table was skipped every time!

After the raffle, they turned out the lights and showed clips of the restored scenes of "Night of Dark Shadows." That film is going to turn out so much better. They desperately needed to restore it. Then they showed clips of the stars making appearances on shows from 15 years ago! It was hilarious!

I will always whoop and hollar when Jonathan Frid "bites" Kathryn Leigh Scott.

Jim than thanked everyone for coming and then had one more hand for the stars. We finished our coffees and desert, said good bye to our new friends, and then rushed to the table where Frid was sitting. Luckily my Dad is tall and was able to take photos over the crowd already assembled. Frid waved at everyone and then got up to go to his room. Poor guy looked very fragile so I hope he's okay. He still has 2 more years according to his 4 year plan. I hope
Johnny Depp does the Dark Shadows film soon. I'd love for Frid to be able to attend the premiere (along with the others) and give his opinion of the movie. To have a photo with the both of them together, I think, would be marvelous.

Well, that was mostly it. I had a wonderful time and can't wait for next year. I hope they don't schedule the festival on dates where I'll be in the Academy or I'll be very sad indeed.

Next post will be my thoughts on the movie!

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