Monday, April 27, 2009

Worse weekend ever?

I just had a bad weekend. Period. The only highlight was seeing my best friend and getting a couple sexy outfits that are guaranteed to get jaw drops. Other than that, my weekend was utter crap.

I'm still in disbelief about Friday night/early Saturday morning. Hell, I'm usually a pro at pinpointing where people are going to be or at least my friends and sources are much more on top of things when I find out stuff through them. My sources are the ones that didn't cut it this time. For me, it makes it just that much worse that I picked the wrong date. I went to last month's show thinking "he'd" [Anthony Head] show, but it was a no go. Tomorrow night is what has lifted my spirits.

Musician George Sarah is playing with his old band, THC, tomorrow night at the Knitting Factory of Los Angeles. A lot of people have heard his music, but just don't know it. If you're a Buffy Fan, his music was featured in Season 4's "Beer Bad" and "Wild at Heart." He even cameoed in those episodes as Veruca's keyboardist. I bought THC's cd this past week and love it. Sarah Folkman on vocals is totally sultry and wanting.

Ok, so I have to fess up to something embarassing. I went to a friend's Vampiric Valentine's Birthday party and saw he was there. She's known him for years and laughed at me when I couldn't introduce myself. I was in heavy make-up and my poor guy friend was sick as a dog so I had to get him out of there asap. I had a million excuses. I think it was the week before, I'm talking to my cousin and venting a bit when he stops me and with an excited expression, says, "George?! We've been friends for almost 20 years!" [My cousin works in the music industry and practically knows everyone. He's really The Master (best nickname ever).] Worse yet, George knows I was trying to talk to him because he asked the Master if we were related or I came up in their conversation somehow. So tomorrow night, I'll be holding my chin up high, camera on my hip, trying not to be super obvious that I'm scouting the whole club for familiar faces. Really, its been ages since I've gone somewhere and just relaxed. There's a vodka tonic with my name on it and an empty, dark booth that is waiting for me.

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