Monday, April 13, 2009

1000 Miles

I originally had a four day weekend for the Easter holiday. I took Thursday off to enjoy all that Disneyland has to offer, including the long walks to the parking lot that mysteriously ended up a mile away. Mum treated me for my birthday. It was nice, but Disneyland is always so damned crowded. If there were about a couple thousand less people, it would be perfect.

Anyway, Friday I drove to Tucson, Arizona, to pick up my great-aunt (or biabuela in Spanish). I made extremely good time. I hate driving through Phoenix though because of the cameras. You think the street cameras are annoying? Try having those suckers on the interstate! A delicious meal of tamales set me to rights though. The next morning I drove back and just took my time. I didn't realize how tiring it is to just sit there and pay attention. Hell, I'm still tired. I seriously need rocket fuel-styled coffee.

It feels at the moment like I only had a day off. The thought of seeing the cast of "True Blood" tonight has me struggling to be cheerful and awake. I'll try to post photos here, but more than likely they will all be in my gallery tomorrow. Tonight I just want to enjoy the panel and hope I can get a salad and flaming margarita at El Compadre's afterwards.

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