Monday, April 6, 2009

Favorite Quotes of the Moment Part I

I am a bit bored and looking to fill in a bit of time so here's my favorite quotes of the moment. Hopefully I can at least put a smile on your face.

Text from Mitchell: "So, get any Head last night?"

Terrance Zdunich: "He was a hot looking girl."

Ryan (9 year old cousin): "I liked Repo!" [I had to ask how and where he watched it. I fear for his sanity... though I am a major contributor to his 'delinquency'.]

Chris (bro): "Nice jump, Officer Trull!" [referring to how I sprained my ankle.]

Mum: "That Grave Robber is hot." [Mum heard "Zydrate Anatomy" on my cell and then had me show her "Repo!" I only had to tell her where the gory parts were so she could close her eyes. Bless Her!]

Jonathan Ross to Tom Jones: "Can I see you naked after the show?"

J. Ross: "He (David Walliams) told me you got an errection and pressed up against him?"
Tony Head: *snorts* [So classy, eh?]

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