Thursday, April 2, 2009


At the moment I am moping. Yes, I am feeling sorry for myself. My ankle is throbbing and my foot looks like a white canvas with purple, green, and blue paint liberally applied to it. Every time I stand, it shoots a pain through my foot and causes me to shift all my weight onto my right leg. My right leg is now sore. My shoulders are sore from the crutches because I tend to "strong-arm" them instead of using my leg to help me along, too. I slept much better last night since I had the splint off, but I still feel tired.

This month is usually a very good month for me.

On April 13, I'll be at the Arclight in Hollywood for the "True Blood" panel of the Paley Festival. Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin along with all the main cast will be present. That is a lot of beautiful people in one room. "True Blood" is an excellent show and I love how Alan Ball has made it his own. The "Stackhouse Books" aren't well written at all and tend to drag. The show is much more exciting and in depth.

I'm actually looking forward to seeing the Curator, David Bushman, of the museum and hoping to speak with him, too. He had a very interesting idea in an article he wrote sometime ago. With the Vampire genre coming back into the mainstream cinema, why not have a panel with a Legend and a devoted Fan seated side by side? Bushman in the last article hints at trying to set up a panel with Johnny Depp and Jonathan Frid. That would be too bloody cool. It would be every die hard fans wish! Plus, it will be fascinating to hear Depp's take on Barnabas Collins and Dark Shadows in general. Frid would be the wild card in this case. He has been attending the fan conventions, but not sure if he'd be up to traveling down for the panel. I'm sure the Festival would "wine and dine" him and give him every comfort. Depp would be a bit difficult, too, because I don't see him doing this kind of thing. I'll be very surprised if Bushman can pull it off.

I will also be the first one to pay for the membership fees so I can get better seats for that historical event... if it happens.


" Dallas " said...

Hey Musing

Sorry about you foot/leg
I hope you get feeling better in time for paleyfest

Maybe I'll see you there !

Thanks , Dallas

ACollinsVampire said...

Thanks, Dallas! I should be good by then. I'm super friendly and always love speaking with fellow fans so stop me and say hi!