Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some Movie Tidbits

I just saw some of the new teaser trailers they have out for Dragonball: Evoluntion (formerly only Dragonball). Now, I was really, supper iffy about this movie since I heard about its conception a decade ago. Seriously, it has been over a decade that this movie has been trying to get to the silver screen. I ran home to watch Dragonball, DBZ, and some of DB GT when it was on Cartoon Network in middle school and watched the episodes in spanish over the weekend. [It was great hearing Gohan, "Senor Piccolo! Donde esta su planeta y mi padre?"] No one could be as much as a badass as Goku and Vegeta (who is not in this film). When I saw the teaser photos, I rejected any possibility that this movie would last a week in the theaters. It looked horrible. The first trailer that leaked online looked bad, also.

This new one may have potential. The film is still going to not do well by any standards because it doesn't capture a large audience. The only thing that would save it would be word of mouth and just kids (old and young) who remember following along the stories and watching the anime movies. In the new teaser trailer, we get glimpses of fight scenes that look like they can entertain. I think I may have a ray of hope for this film.

A friend last night clued me into a fun gig for January. "Dark Knight" is going to be re-released in theaters on January 23rd. It really wants to beat Titanic so I say go see it. I was watching it in blu-ray last night and it was marvelous. I should have a blu-ray player soon so I can enjoy all the highest def my mind can handle.

I am going to get reaquainted with the New Beverly soon. I haven't been there in so long. I miss sitting with a very enthusiastic audience, watching people walk in with piazza boxes stuffed in their shirts (I'm talking about larges here), hearing the not-so-silent chink of alcoholic beverage bottles hit the floor and the giggles that follow it from everyone in the room. I really hope they are going to show "Black Christmas" and "Silent Night, Deadly Night" again or any other horror movie that deals with Christmas ("Gremlins" maybe?).

I'm thoroughly enjoying being off.

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