Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Coffee and Cigarettes

Great movie, but I'm just stealing the title. I don't smoke. I do enjoy a cigarette every long once in a while in social settings. I can say my last cigg was at the beginning of summer. I never really got hooked or anything because I'm already a sucker for coffee. I drank a pot the day before yesterday to help me stay up till dawn and then downed almost another pot during the day. I kept it black, too (except for the Starbuck's peppermint mocha twist I endulged in). I promptly died last night around 12:15 after finishing my finals and getting the feeling back into my neck and back. I'm done though! My next quarter does not begin until January 7 or somewhere around that date. I won't bitch or gripe again about school unless winter turns out as bad or God forbid, worse, than this one (stupid economy cancelling classes and stuff).

The best news I've heard in a while came to me through one of the many Yahoo! mailing lists I'm on. Looks like Johnny Depp and Tim Burton are going to start filming "Dark Shadows" in the summer of next year! I thought it was a bad joke when I got the email. Filming will be done primiarily in London. This makes me wonder what storyline they are going to use or whether John August wrote a completely new one. It's ironic because the main character is affectionately called "The Cousin from England" but he had never set foot on English soil. More casting news should come through soon but I'm going to add my two cents. Alan Rickman should be cast. I have a feeling he's going to be Burton's regular guys. He could be cast as the main character's stuffy father, the brother of the matriach in the present day, or even as one of the villains (a character by the name of Evan Handly comes to mind [Evan was a satanic lawyer]). I should have asked him that last Wednesday, but his voice wiped every coherent thought from my head.
I think this movie will be pretty badass if Depp keeps it "traditional." The television show is still really out there even for today's standards.

I'm going through a bit of a Tony Head addiction at the moment. After seeing "Repo!" I was intrigued. Then started watching "Buffy" and "Little Britain" and I was sold. I can never pin-point exactly what attracts me to these older guys, but they are great and have solid work. I found episodes of "Merlin," his newest series, online so I'll probably catch up on those. There's going to be a convention in London for Joss Whedon so I'm stalking the guest list for that. I found great airfare to Heathrow right now, but I think I can get a better deal with Virgin if I wait a bit longer. The only snag in that plan is whether I can get the time off with my new job. I miss London so bad. I have been trying to go back but between time and finances... it sucks.

All I know as of this moment, in 2010, I'll be backpacking through the streets of the cities I've always wanted to visit in Europe.

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