Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Remakes Need to Perish.

It just came to my attention that some idiot studio is planning on remaking "Rocky Horror Picture Show." NO. Don't you dare do it! How can anyone touch a classic like this and make it half as decent as it is?!

As a cult classic, it's near impossible to replicate. Plus, it wasn't even a mainstream movie to begin with. "RHPS" began as a midnight movie and grew it's following from there. It's Tim Curry's best movie!

Other remakes that are already in the works (unfortunately): Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Child's Play (ugh, another Chuckie movie? Really?), Clash of the Titans, The House on the Left, The Ten Commandments (I can't think of how anyone can replace Charlton Heston), and countless others.

These movies are all classics! Leave them the hell alone! Isn't there any original material out there for studios to use? Aren't there any scriptwriters with an imagination? Are we, the audience, doomed to sit through remakes and "adaptations" for the rest of our lives?

I'm even leery on seeing "Star Trek." First of all, I don't care for any of JJ Abrams stuff. I give him props for being original (kind of), but he just hasn't sucked me in. Second, after seeing Chris Pine (actor to play Capt. Kirk) act on the silver screen... I wanted to grab him by the hair and tell him not to be so damned wooden and egotistical. He's in "Bottle Shock" and his screens would have done better on the editor's floor. Oh, I loved the movie. Alan Rickman and Bill Pullman were marvelous! But Chris Pine annoyed me to death. I'm no actor and I could point out all of his errors. It was shoddy work. Mostly everyone who's seen the movie, will agree. For some, he ruined it for them sadly.

Anyway, same old rant but with some new details. I hate remakes with a passion. Why doesn't a studio just release the movies? It worked for Star Wars...

Added at 12:04: I just found out that they are remaking "Casablanca" and "True Grit." The later is beind directed by Michael Bay... This really is a sick world.

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