Friday, September 19, 2008

Random and Randomer

I just have a ton of thoughts running around in my head so instead of trying to make whole paragraphs of a topic that can be summed up into a sentance, I thought I'd just lump everything onto one blog and be done with it.

First off, I hate when a good oportunity comes right up to you and makes you stare as you watch it walk away. My dream bike is to own a 1951 Vincent Black Shadow which now a days are antiques and, unlike other cars and motorcycles, appreciates (increases in value). People who have these rarely sell. I've only found two ever since I've started looking for them years ago. One was sold over a year ago for over 50,000 dollars. Another is being sold at the momment with the current bid at 30,000. I am in love with the style and sleekness of the bike. Honda had similar styles in the 60s and 70s and I found a 1970 Honda for under 600... I guess I'll wait until I can afford my rebel since I don't really want to work on a bike after practically rebuilding my own car.

Seriously, my car is my monster. The only things not new in that car is the frame and apolstry. The apolstry is going to be my next big project since I'll have it for another year or so and the padding in my seat is non-existant. I don't know about the other seats since... um... I'm never a passenger in my own vehicle. When I first got him (since my car was a guy first [shotout to the Master]), He was in pretty good shape. I changed the oil and the timing belt, replaced a couple of the filters, and he was almost ready to go. It needed a stereo. I had Sear's do that for me. The second thing I had to do came when my Civic totally died on me. The engine which was faithful through over 210,000 miles and countless trips throughout Southern California decided it had had enough. I had the choice to rebuild it or buy a new one. A new one was cheaper and I got to put a 2002 or 03 engine in instead. I actually almost cried when the mechanic suggested to get a new one. I think he thought he was doing me a favor, but that car has a lot of memories. Thanks to Chaffey College and it's never ending building, all the tires are new. The window is a couple years old now but still pretty good and not peeling. I'm going to paint him next time I get a good discount. I thought it'd be really expensive, but it's really not. And finally thanks to gas prices, Civics are the highest sold cars right now, even the older models like mine. I've had random people offer cash for mine, mistaking it for my brother's car. I think I'll have a very nice down payment for when I buy a new Civic EX Coupe next year (or a Camaro if they ever get back on the market [I don't care if they're gas guzzlers, they are the sh**]).

To take a 180, I think Robert Pattinson would make an excellent Quentin Collins if that character is in the next Dark Shadows movie (click for good photo). I was reading in bed when I decided to give my eyes a rest and stare at all the posters on my closet. I had "moon" eyes for Duchovny staring right back at me, appreciation for Lon Chaney Jr. in full werewolf makeup, "I Want to Believe" filled me with nostalgia, and then my eyes moved to my Twilight poster of Edward and Bella. I had to do a double take at Robert. I then moved my eyes to my framed photo of David Selby. I looked back at Robert. I did this probably four more times until I practically shouted "Eureka!" I did a test with one of the only DS fans I know, my Mum. I found the poster online and asked her to look at it and think of Dark Shadows at the same time. She looked me right in the eye and said, "He'd be the perfect Quentin." Here's my poster and compare it to this photo. Wouldn't it be great to have "RPatz" and Depp in the same movie?

So to end this, I want a clock like this one.

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