Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I told myself not to write this. I detest politics in all its forms though it is necessary. Right now, I'm probably a minority on Facebook, too, since I've been getting flair that I'll never use.

There is not a chance in hell I'd ever vote for Obama. He can posture and give pretty speeches all he wants, there's no changing the fact that he hasn't really done anything. Hitler was a good orator, too, and look where it's gotten Germany. People are starting to target Sarah Palin now because of the "no experience." If "no experience" includes actually facing and getting rid of corrupt fellow Republicans while managing the state of Alaska, then I guess she has none. Something tells me that Obama will not even think of turning in any corrupt democrats. Being a Governor is very different than a Senator. Governors are actually active within the state.

I bet most people know who there Governors are instead of their Senators. Also, there's two Senators to every state. They don't worry about emergencies or anything that really effects the people. In CA, who do we first blame? Schwarzenegger. Who's in the background doing nothing for us? Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer.

Now, I don't care for McCain, but at least I've heard of him for years. He has a track record. I hadn't heard of Obama until the Dems started pumping up the media for this savior. Go ahead and vote for him if you like people telling you half truths. I loved how he said he would get troops out of Iraq in a "respectable time." Um... Didn't we sign an agreement with the Iraqi government about troop withdrawal to be finished in 2012 a couple weeks back? I don't remember the media covering that. Oh! But everyone does know 2012 is another election year so how perfect for him to be seen as the one who got us out of that Hell! What a great guy! Wait... his name isn't on the paperwork? Oh well, the Public doesn't pay attention to details like that.

McCain is no angel. His skeletons are hanging out for people to view and read up on. I was suprised at his nomination since he is one of the most liberal Reps out there. The "Maverick" is the nickname. He has issues that need to be addressed.

I'm not endorsing anyone here. You pick for yourself. The internet is ripe with information on both canidates. Read between the lines though because every site has it in for one canidate. CNN and FOX can preen all they want about being fair. The Media is never fair.

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