Thursday, March 19, 2009


"Spring Break" are the key words every college kid has on their lips at the moment. Mine started last night. I have almost two weeks of no school to worry about. Well, I do have one thing I have to do over the next week, but it's not going to be very hard at all.

Anyway, as an "anglophile" and theater lover, I am shocked and saddened by the very sudden passing of Natasha Richardson. Everyone has probably read over her career highlights in other publications so I'm not going to be repetitive. I just feel for her poor family.

The weather here in Orange County seems to be reflecting my mood. It's foggy, dark, and a bit cold. The ocean breezes are icy. I hope it clears up so I can go walk along Newport again or even go a bit farther into Huntington (that way I'd make a stop at DVD Planet). I must be bored if I'm musing on the weather. I'm dying for my hot as hell summer.

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