Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh Crickey, Batman!

Damn it! When you say "Special Guests" does that include main cast? How about the actor who plays the main character? And why, in all that is holy, are you such a bloody tease?

Darren Lynn Bousman is evil. He leaves these very vague statuses on Facebook or messages on the Repo! boards, hinting at unseen treasures... He'll be at the Sunset 5 in Hollywood on Friday for a midnight showing, with special guests. Who are the special guests?! The only two people I have not seen of the main cast are Paul Sorvino and Anthony Head. Terrence Zdunich is an awesome guy so I'll go if he's there, too. Hearing the jeers and cat-calls will liven up a night that looks to be a dead one for me.

So quick POLL: Do I go to the Sunset 5?

A) YES. You never know what will happen or who will be there. You have run into interesting people before.
B) Sure. At least you can hang out with the other deviants of the Repo! crowd.
C) Curse Bousman for his inability to be clear and just be around the area just in case...

I hate being indecisive.

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