Wednesday, March 11, 2009

100 Posts! Whoa! Spoiler Warning for Watchmen.

So this will be short and sweet. Well, maybe. Writers are liars and you can't trust the lot of us when it comes to our passion. The Spoilers for "Watchmen" will be the last paragraph so if you haven't read/seen it, skip the last paragraph if you are sensitive to being spoiled.

First off, I always say I'm going to post photos for events and hardly ever do because Blogger's photo uploader takes forever and then I get lazy since I write most of these entries at work. So I'm going to be an attention whore and post the link to my photo gallery that I have on DeviantArt.

You can see larger photos of people like Alan Rickman, Ray Bradbury, Gillian Anderson, David Selby, and a lot more from the events and places I've gone to. I've posted Repo! cast photos there but they are not very good. I bought a new camera last week and am already extremely happy with it. PaleyFest is in April this year and I will be attending the "True Blood" Panel. The whole main cast will be there so stay tuned for blogs and photos on that.

Now onto "Watchmen."

I liked it more than I thought I would but I still hated the ending. Zack Snyder, the director, went for the happy ending and killed the sense of hopeless the comic portrayed. I thought he had just taken out the Squid Monster (which in my opinion would have been cool to see) but he did more than that. He or the studios thought about the effect it would have on the "general" audience. The "general" audience are a bunch of morons; I won't even go into that more. Anyway, the effects, sets, and CGI were perfect. I must say the music was the best soundtrack I've heard in a while for a film. Having Nat King Cole sing while the Comedian was being beaten to a pulp just made the beating that much more brutal. Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix all have their music threaded throughout the film. It really helped explain the time periods. The story did have some trouble shifting and moving on, but they were able to keep the integrity of it. Overall, it was good, but not the great film every fanboy was wetting his pants for.

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