Monday, December 13, 2010

The King's Speech

Earlier today in an attempt to not bring unpleasantness to a couple of guests my Mum was entertaining I left and headed to the Pasadena Playhouse. I've been wanting to see "The King's Speech" for over a month now but with it's really limited release, I had to wait. Anyway, it was phenomenal and would be my pick for Best Picture and Best Actor for Colin Firth with Best Supporting Nods (and wins) for Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham-Carter

So before I add anything more, here's the trailer for the film. You'll immediately notice the richness that emboldens the film beautifully.


So first thing to catch my eye was.... Helena actually had a sane role for once! She was so wonderful and it was very refreshing seeing her act as a historical figure rather than a ranting, sexy lunatic [I love those lunatics but the change was nice]. I need to see more of her normal stuff to compare. 

Colin Firth was breath-taking. The stammer, stuttering, and lisp must have been so difficult to perfect. He portrays Albert with a finesse that you don't see anymore with most actors. If Firth doesn't  win the Oscar, the Academy are even more despicable that I originally thought. I've never held these peer-awarded ceremonies in high regard due to the political and popularity contests that go on instead. I've been surprised before ["Avatar" not getting best picture was a plus in my book] so let's hope this year, the Academy will do right by Firth. As a friend has already pointed out, he should have gotten it last year with "A Single Man" but I have to argue the best man did win it after all and that was a tough choice (Christoph Waltz won). 

Now Rush was amazing. His character stole the scene whenever he was in the shot. I can't give enough praise to him. You couldn't help but love him.

The whole film was beautifully shot and transitioned well between events. The supporting cast were good but I didn't care for Timothy Spall's Churchill. He had the voice down, but something irked me. Maybe because he was too tall? Maybe I'm biased because of Brendan Gleeson? I don't know. I didn't like him for it though. Guy Pearce did a good job as Edward. Derek Jacobi was brilliant as always. Hell, even Michael Gambon whom I have many issues with, was good as George V. Jennifer Ehle was a pleasant surprise! The Pride and Prejudice dork in me "awwed" as Firth and Ehle were in only one scene together [Firth played Darcy to Ehle's Elizabeth Bennett] but it was a bloody fantastic scene at that! Mrytle: "But you're... you're..."  They were marvelous! 

I really think this film was the best I've seen all year. I loved "Let Me In" and "The Social Network" but this one had the least flaws in my opinion. I need to see all these films another 3 or 4 times  to make sure. Definitely GO SEE this one if you have the time!


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Ayush Verma said...

Very well written review. Can be a helpful one for all the movies I have to watch in future. Hopefully I find them all here.

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