Monday, June 25, 2012

SD Comic Con and Costumes

It's that time of year again where every fan girl and boy rushes to get passes and prizes from the various sites offering riches at Comic Con. This year, though, I'm doing it not only for myself, but for my dear Father. Why you ask? It's his first time going to Comic Con. And he's a diehard Walking Dead fan who unfortunately wasn't able to get a pass for Friday. This one's for you, Pop.

  How you would spend your shopping spree and use your cash at Comic-Con? 

One Word: EASILY.

I love costumes. Halloween is the best holiday of the year with Comic Con as a warm-up for the season. With the shopping spree, I would compile a list of every costume I've ever wanted in my young life and wisely go through each and every one, making sure I get complete sets with accessories. Why get a costume if you're not going for 'the works?' I'm all or nothing. Also, if there's a group theme involved, I will gladly drag in friends. Luckily, I have friends who like to be dragged in.

I think, were I to win, I would gladly persuade dear old Dad to get into the costume spirit next year, too. I tried this year with 'The Incredibles' but he wasn't having it. Blast and Damn, though I'll try harder next year. He would have to if I win.

The cash would be a life-saver. Again, I'd budget it to be able to go out and treat my friends and family to dinner and drinks for a night. That seems to be the hardest part of SDCC. Everyone's on a budget and they all have priorities which is completely understandable. I'd love for one night to be ours, not worrying about what to get and if they've just given up buying that Game of Thorns poster they've been eyeing... It would be so memorable.

Then I'll be spoiled and get the Ten Doctor's sonic screwdriver I've been trying to get for years. Every Whovian needs one, right?

There's always that one collectable you've set your eye on but have never been able to afford. I would definitely get that this year.

I would spend everything wisely and as thoroughly as a professional fangirl could. I swear it on my limited edition Severus Snape bust.

Thanks to the lovely Cindy for pointing me in this direction!


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