Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Favorite Season Finale Endings

After seeing the House Season Six finale, I got inspired to write this. Well, not entirely true. I just wanted to write about the finale without it turning into a full-blown review so I added in other finales that I absolutely love. Spoiler-phobes, beware.

House Season Six "Help Me."

That finale was one of the most beautiful, emotional, and cringe-worthy ones I have seen. I was weary of it due to the season flipping and flopping on many issues, but this episode tied in the whole season marvelously. From hindsight, we now see what cliff the writers were throwing us off of.  I can honestly say I enjoyed the sensation of falling for this show all over again. [Plus, FINALLY House and Cuddy are together!]

Torchwood: Children of Earth "Day Five."

I loved the ending so much! It was heart-breaking and gut-wrenching. What kind of man is Captain Jack Harkness to suddenly sacrifice his grandson so easily it seemed? I've always loved how "wrong" and screwed up every character in Torchwood appeared to be, but with this series, it showed the lengths of how far the characters would go to save the Earth. Was that the end of Jack? I sincerely hope not.

Doctor Who "The End of Time" Part II

I did have a couple issues with the ending of the Tenth Doctor's life (falling from the ship was a little too cheesy for me), but the ending was fantastic. I included both these clips because it is a very long ending. Very worth it though! I loved how the Doctor was able to see his friends and loved ones once more before he changed his face forever. It was tragic, sad, but oh so lovely an ending for David Tennant. I didn't want you to go either!

House Season Five "Under My Skin" and "Both Sides Now." 

Unfortunately I couldn't find short clips of the endings of these two episodes. "Under My Skin" starts with House hallucinating and questioning the only thing he holds dear, his mind. We see him resolve the issue yet is everything still as it seems? It's never that simple in House. In "Both Sides Now" we see how far the hallucinations have taken House from reality. Showing the audience in back to back clips of reality versus fiction was ingenious of the show. I had not read any spoilers so I was in total shock of the conclusion.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Two "Becoming Part I" and "Part II."

Joss Whedon took great pleasure in torturing us during Season Two. First he brings in handsome, punk vampire, Spike, with his crazy girlfriend, Drusilla, to bring chaos to an already chaotic Sunnydale. Then he changes Angel into Angelus, one of the most brutal and evil vampires in the series. We saw him torture Buffy's friends, kill one of my favorite characters ("Passion" still makes me weep), and almost destroy the world. In Part I, we see Angelus's plan come to light and with that, he kidnaps Giles, Buffy's Watcher. Part II sees Buffy killing her lover as his spirit is restored, sacrificing him for the world. As that season ended and we saw poor Buffy walking by herself, away from friends and family, it left the audience wondering how psychologically damaged our Slayer was and what she was going to do next... alone.

The X Files Season Four "Gethsemane"

Season Four will always have a special place in my heart for the greatest episode The X Files ever had, "Home." FOX originally did not air the episode due to the 'graphic' nature of the episode; infanticide, incest, mutants, all in a town reminiscent of Mayberry. The creepiness and horror were upped by the pleasant sound of Johnny Mathis singing "Wonderful."  I still get chills thinking about this episode. However... "Gethsemane" steals the spotlight due to the beginning. We first see Special Agent Scully in a court room and get a flashback of her identifying a body... Mulder's body! Huh? Of course Mulder isn't dead, but the whole story behind the fake death is thrilling and keeps you guessing.

Dark Shadows Episode 460 The End of the 1795 Era 

Dark Shadows may have had seasons, but they have either been long forgotten or just not marked on the DVD sets. So to keep this simple, we'll treat the end of a storyline as the "finale." We see Barnabas implore Joshua, his father, to kill him in his coffin. Joshua essentially becomes a coward and instead chains Barnabas in his coffin to suffer for eternity. Such a nice Dad. Anyway, it ends the tale of Barnabas's transformation into the fierce and insane vampire we grew to love in the 1960s. I really hope Johnny Depp choses "1975" as his first film's storyline.

I could go on for a couple more pages, but this will do for now. These finales are the ones that have really stuck with me.

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