Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello, My Name is Alex and I am a Fangirl Snob.

Or Ramblings about Comics and their Film-verses. 

I am a real pain in the ass when it comes to the mythology and storyline of characters. The more convoluted, the more complex, the longer the storyline, I am probably in love with it. I can provide evidence based on the "fandoms" I love. I could go into a long and very extensive rant on those fandoms but I'm going to get specific: comic books.

First the reason for this blog: Here I must put a SPOILER WARNING for "Iron Man 2" and future Marvel/Comic book films.

I love the Marvel Film franchise. I love how the producers have woven the stories of Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain America, Thor and a couple others together in the current films. It makes seeing the films an exercise on spotting the tie-ins. The Geek in me cheers with joy whenever I see something that ties into another story (ie. Captain America's shield in Iron Man 1 and 2, Tony Stark in "The Hulk"). I am easily amused. The Geek, however, gets easily frustrated when others don't see those tie-ins or when people make up their own  [bullshit] explanation of the new "clue."

Scenario after seeing the clip after the credits of "Iron Man 2:"

Kid to Brother: "That was totally a weapon for Iron Man 3! Iron Man is going to use that!"

That poor Kid fails miserably. He's not even close to what that object is. I bit my tongue as I walked behind him, cringing every time his chubby mouth opened. I don't feel too bad knocking on him since he looked like a teenager and he didn't hold the door open for me as we exited the theater. People just don't have any manners.

Anyway, if you're puzzled by the object, here's a photo and link to the film it is from.  I'm dying to see what Kenneth Branagh has done with this film since the man is marvelous.

I know Marvel are not following their canon even loosely. I totally understand that actually. If they were to follow the comic book series of Iron Man, we would be seeing far less technology and more a story about the Cold War. Then the story would move on to the self-destruction of Tony Stark, the Suit becoming sentient and killing without distinction of civilian or villain, an alternate-version teenage Tony Stark showing up, the real Stark dying, and just a story that wouldn't work well on the silver screen.  I like the new road being paved a bit more. Also, it is futile to argue canon when alternate universes come into play.

I don't expect ninety percent of people to know those facts above. With comics, I can easily forgive that... to a point. The following images should be easily identified:

If you can't identify one logo, you must be hiding under a rock. All of these superheros (Batman, Captain America, Spiderman) have had films made. I really do like the Captain America one a lot. They have also been around in comic books for decades! They should be one of the first pop cultural icons kids see and enjoy on Saturday mornings; unless the networks have completely wimped out due to the "violence" factor and taken these off the air.

I'm far from being a comic book nerd. In stating that, I clarify by saying that I wouldn't know the numbers of issues, volumes, and maybe a couple story-lines. Give me a character and I could probably tell you where they came from if they're not very obscure. I can remember going to the comic book shops in my hometown and picking up anything I thought looked interesting. I did judge a comic by its cover. I did know better, though. I usually stayed with the Marvel-verse unless it was Batman or Superman related (DC). If I could "sneak-buy" a Chaos comic, I would do it in a heart beat. Chaos comics usually were more gruesome, horrifying, with explicit language and stories and the parents didn't approve, of course. That made them all the more appealing; forbidden fruit and all that. I still have those comics in storage. Looking around my room now at almost 2 in the morning, I can see more than 20 comics in plain view, Dark Horse my favorite company at present.

Yeah, I'm not a hardcore comic geek.

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