Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Geek in Me.

"I really love your geekedness. Makes me feel not so odd in my geekedness." -A Good Friend on Twitter

Today I was bored. Like, sitting at the table with nothing to do, gazing out the window, not even anything to tempt me, bored. No book caught my eye. No show could drag me in [though I still need to catch up on "Being Human"]. I couldn't go outside because it was "too cold" and people were worried I'd get sick all over again. I've been sick since last week with a really bad infection, but am on the mend. It really did kick me in the head... and shoved it through a compactor. I casually mention going for a walk, maybe a run, and was told not to. When I stop sounding like a car back-firing, I guess. Gee, I wish there was a social network where I can bitch and complain about being sick and bored...

Anyway, films have always been a good filler. Hell, they usually are the first things I go find when I'm bored. I still have about 50+ films on dvd that I need to watch or re-watch since I watched them in the middle of the night or very early morning. I have a lot of catching up to do. Did I catch up on them today? No, sir! Having the youngest home means having duels over the telly. Then indecision to chose a movie gave way into frustration and so I settled for a crime novel. Read 45 chapters (457 pages) of good detective work and was happy.

After the novel though... Peter O'Toole has always fascinated me due to the company he kept when he was a young man. Oh, he's a good actor, also, but to be the "drinking mate" of such others like the late Richard Burton and Richard Harris? His life is fascinating. There's a casset tape out there in this vast world. It's priceless if it exists. No one knows how many copies there are, if there are copies, and whether the person who made the tape still has it. You see, this tape has a conversation between the aforementioned three men above. They are reportedly talking and having a grand 'ol time. Now here's why the tape is so intriguing and frankly, charming. It's a fraud. None of the aforementioned men are there, none were recorded. One man did all three voices to such utter perfection that when one listened to it, you couldn't tell the difference!
Who was the man you ask?

Well, he's a nobody really. He just won an Oscar for a 15 minute performance of a cannibalistic serial killer that has no equal to this day. If you still don't have any clue on who it is, and God help you, man, if I meet you,
it is the one, the only, Anthony Hopkins. He is not known for mimicry at all as far as I can tell with other movie fans. He's astounding! He's done restoration work for the film, "Spartacus" imitating Laurence Olivier's voice in the missing audio tracks! Am I such a geek to think that all of this and the tape is just outstanding or at the very least interesting?

I can go on tangents on the other's now, but its after midnight and I need my beauty sleep; badly if what the mirror tells me is true. If you're wondering what brought on the sudden barrage of information: this 174 minute film on YouTube (link to Part 1 of 18) which O'Toole stars and the news that Jason Isaacs and David Tennant are going to be in the same film!

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