Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Night with the Cast of House MD. Part I.

Last night was amazing. I had never been to the John H. Mitchell theater, home of the Paley Center for Media, but it did not disappoint. Rather, its my new favorite setting for these types of events. If you have looked through my gallery, the photos can say all I can't about the theater.

Enough about that though... Let's get on to the cast!

I still wasn't a true fangirl about Hugh Laurie until last night. I was a flip flopper; "ok, I could see his attraction and he is a great actor, but..." I had that hesitation. Not anymore. I love him and will probably do anything to sit in on another panel with him. I think he's more attractive in person actually. Hell, even my Mum agreed. He's so personable and is a very nice man. We didn't get to take photos with him because there were too many people at the stage and the Paley staff were trying to usher us out of the room. I was content. I loved how attentive he was to the questions. I've been to many of these things before and the actors tend to give the shortest answer or explanation possible. Yes, they have time restraints, but they do the ability to string together better stuff. Hugh Laurie was not one of those actors. He apologized for talking so long. The audience scoffed at him and told him to go on! We were eating it up! What type of audience doesn't love to here from the main actor himself? Laurie spoke about how he was cast and how he had also read for the part of Wilson.

"But once I read about Wilson having a boyish face I knew I wouldn't be cast," he remarked while pointing to his face. Robert Sean Leonard laughed. Leonard did not look like he was comfortable at all being there. He wasn't abrasive but he looked bored. He even zoned out a bit.

Moderator: "So what is your favorite episode?"
RSL: "Of what? House?"

That got giggles and laughs from everyone in the room. He turned slightly red and asked to think about it a while. He is really handsome with that boyish charm. Omar Epps was very quiet, but unlike Robert, he paid close attention. His answers were clearly heartfelt. I wish he did speak more, but he looked shy. [I can't understand a shy actor. Its an oxymoron to me.]

Lisa Edelstein. I'm a straight woman, but hot damn! The only other woman that had that much real beauty and had me gobsmacked, was Gillian Anderson. Lisa is a fan favorite and I could see why. She's adorable and hilarious. She was not afraid or shy to talk about sex scenes and making out with Hugh Laurie. Laurie on the other hand blushed and was horribly embarrassed. She brought up the make-out when the moderator asked if the cast had any stories in particular they'd like to share or some random anecdote they thought was interesting.

Lisa: "I got to make out with Hugh." She had the chesire-cat grin in place. Everyone got a laugh. "Clarify!" Hugh shouted over the din. I'm betting he didn't want the missus or the public (mainly the dreaded paparazzi) to misinterpret that statement. Lisa did explain the scenes. Everyone in the crowd cheered for "Huddy" action. To Laurie, it was "odd."

"It was odd... doing that with a friend I've known for the past five years."

"Odd? I would have used some word like passionate!" Lisa goaded him. She was playfully offended and tried to get him to use some other adjective rather than odd. I truly believe she has a crush on him or at least is an admirer. The way she smiled and whispered together really spoke volumes. The chemistry is there and plays out well on screen. I can't wait for season six!

So there are a ton more things I'd love to write but I shall continue with this later on today. It's almost noon and I unfortunately have to return to reality. Feel free to check out anything in the gallery and download the photos! I should a couple more up soon. Someone apologized for leaving a ton of comments earlier and thought they were spamming my inbox. Quite the contrary! I only consider comments spam if they have nothing to do with the photo being commented on (Example being, talking about Daniel Radcliffe while viewing the Alan Rickman photos. That's spam [and blasphemy]). Like my profile says, I like my ego stroked.

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