Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Let Me Hear that Triumph Purr.

Has it been so long since I have written anything of substance? Yes, I believe so, but that is not directly my fault. Blame it on higher education and its insane need to preach the inane and prove that ineptness is not cured by a doctorate or bar exam. After two years of law classes, I never will be a lawyer. You truly sell your soul and I cannot even fathom some of the moral ambiguities that have presented themselves this quarter. Plus, personally, they are miserable people. Anyway, that is my gripe.

To the fun stuff...

Due to the persistence of a Ms. Sanchez, I finally gave in a several weeks back and gave House, MD. a chance. I've always liked Hugh Laurie but never was really a fangirl. I was more enamored with Stephen Fry and his quick wit. Anyway, I ended up watching all five seasons. My sleeping pattern has well and truly gone to Hell. Sarcasm and satire are my favorite types of comedy. I'm a fan of "bad good guys" (example: I'd pick Batman over nancyboy Superman any day). The tragic/conflicted "hero" types are so much more interesting. So now, I'm officially a House fan.

Did I mention Ms. Sanchez and myself are seeing Mr. Laurie in person? No?

Well then, thanks again to the Paley Center for Media, we'll be at a panel where Hugh Laurie, David Shore and Katie Jacobs will be speaking on the creative process of House. Paley has the best presentations. This panel will be held at the John H Mitchell Theater instead of the Arclight. I was surprised but after seeing the room its going to be held in, elated. The room is tiny! It holds only 150 guests which means I was pretty damn lucky to get tickets in the first place. Never having been in that theater, I'm praying they allow photography. Hugh Laurie is a nice addition to my gallery. Worse comes to worst, I'll find the backdoor. There is always a backdoor. Additional panelist are to be announced so says the Paley website. Bryan Singer, Lisa Edelstein and Robert Sean Leonard better show up! My Mum will be on hand to make sure I don't give my famous portrayal of a "deer-in-the-headlights" if we're allowed to rush the stage. Oh Dear God, will I ever let that go?!

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