Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Live Long and Prosper

So I let this review stew for almost a week because I wanted to do it justice. I saw "Star Trek" on Thursday night, by myself (reason #345 for why I dislike this part of Orange County). The theater was relatively empty. I would have to guess there were about 20 people, 3 Trekkies among them. I sat in the very back as usual to get the best view.

I have to say that all my bad-mouthing of the film was thrown out half-way through. I still don't like Abrams (overrated) and Chris Pine who just bugs me acting-wise, but I have a new found respect for them. I went into the movie thinking it was going to be as bad an "Indy 4" with way too much nostalgia and not enough substance and plot. The plot of this movie was very well done. Sequels are a must now. Leonard Nimoy was fantastic! I have heard a lot of bad press because people didn't like Simon Peg's Scotty. Give the man a bloody break! I loved it! The actors are not going to copy the originals because then that would be too wooden.

I'm avoiding spoilers so this is going to be very short. Just go see it if you haven't already. It was a perfect start to the summer movie marathon.

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