Monday, August 25, 2008

Why NBC Bites. And the death of Baseball and Softball.

So who got the medal for wrestling? Huh? They had an event? Or how about for Shot Put and Disc Throw? I didn't see anybody throw...

NBC's coverage of the Olympics, to say it bluntly, blew. Who really wants to watch the 1600m rowing? Or people bouncing on a trampoline? And did you know the IOC is not having softball and baseball as an Olympic sport anymore, but table tennis, aka ping pong, is staying in?

I didn't watch much of the Olympics because of the place and because NBC is the worst network out there. FOX beats NBC and they're not even top-notch. Not even close. If NBC wins the bid in 2012, sorry, London. I wouldn't be able to stand it.

One more thing...

As a jock I am in serious doubt of the Olympics. Why you ask? Because of baseball and softball being discontinued. I'm not too fond of these sports, but they are sports. Ping pong is not a sport. Bouncing on a trampoline is not a sport. I have no clue how Ping pong made it past the IOC. As for the trampoline, don't we have gymnastics? Now that is elegant and a test of strength. I would have loved to see more sports on the damn telly. I'm a track enthusiast and was sorely disappointed I couldn't even tivo pole valuting, high and long jump, or my beloved throwing.

NBC can bite me.

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BC said...

Wait, I work for NBC! I take back what I said in my other comment!!

(OK, yeah we do suck. Crusoe? Christ. I'll probably be out of a job pretty soon cuz of shit like that)