Monday, August 18, 2008

Voltron; BottleShock and Theater; and Remakes that should never see the light of Day.

Someone is releasing a Voltron movie in 2010?! As a child of this kind of cartoons, or rather early anime, I'm freaking out. Voltron is actually the earliest cartoon I can remember. Originally aired in 1984, it ran on television for almost a decade. Hell, I'd even say that Power Rangers wouldn't have been made if it wasn't for Voltron (they are from the same producers). I just hope they don't make it too cheesey or it'll bomb.

"BottleShock" is another movie I've been dying to see. I've read mixed reviews, but all of them have one thing in common: Alan Rickman just dominates the screen whenever he's in view. Again, I'm biased towards this gentleman. I'll probably go see this tonight since I've been trying to see it for two weeks because people keep telling me to wait for them. No more! It'll be another month until I see this if I wait. I haven't even seen "Gonzo" since a couple people have told me to wait for them. I'll wait for the DVD now for this one. Anyway, Rickman always impresses me by his demeanor and his love of theater. In a recent article, he says its a shame Americans don't value theater highly if at all. I agree. Ask any regular Joe on the street and they probably can't tell you what's showing at the Pantages ("Wicked") or the Mark Taper Forum (nothing until it's opening gala for the new season [trick question, sorry]) It's much harder to be a theater actor than a screen one. If I get the chance for a quick trip next year, it'll be London for sure because of two plays: "A Doll's House" starring Gillian Anderson in the lead and "Hamlet" by the Royal Shakespearan Company starring David Tennant. I adore the West End. I wish LA would advertise and endorse more theater.

In other recent horror news, the new Jason movie, a remake of "Friday the 13th" is going to blow. The production photos look horrible. Camp Crystal Lake looks too fake. Ugh, when will Hollywood stop with the remakes?! Another remake I just found out about is "Nightmare on Elm Street." Why remake these classic horror franchises at all? The originals are perfect! To top it all off, Billy Bob Thorton is rumored to play Robert Englund's prized role. I'm hoping the whole remake of "Nightmare" is false since IMDB doesn't even have a page for it yet. They might just be delaying it, but I can still hope for a miracle.

"Parasomnia," as I've mentioned already, has released their trailer for its upcoming, but still unknown debut later this year. There's a couple words to describe what I saw: frightening and beautiful. Horror movies usually go straight for the vein (literally), but this one feels like it has more depth to it. I can't wait for this one to come out.

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