Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Take on the Series Finale of "House, MD."

I'm still reeling from the fantastic finale of Season Six. The love I have for this show is rare since I usually do not get into shows that are still on the air. It's just easier for me to fall in love with a whole complete series than wait week after week or months for new episodes or seasons. I'm very impatient. Anyway, with speculation about the state of Hugh Laurie's contract, which is 'to be or not to be' renewed in 2011, I think it is only natural to theorize the end of the show. It has to end eventually, right?

So to be totally blunt, House has to die in the final episode.

Before you, dear readers and fans, stab and chase me with pitchforks down the streets of Los Angeles, hear me out. First, this is only theory; not canon... at least, not yet. Second, David Shore isn't going to leave the show open-ended. There is going to be a finality to it. House will be admitted into Princeton-Plainsboro with another infarction or with some sort of drug/vicodin related illness such as his liver failing or his heart going out. The Ducklings will be trying everything in their power to save him. Cuddy and Wilson will be glued to his side, allies and enemies at the same time. They'll agree on some treatments and argue vehemently on others. They'll all sit or pace around the room., watching as the heart monitor slows. House would not die alone.


House will solve a case that has plagued him for years or he'll have some sort of personal victory (marrying Cuddy [yes, a Huddy can dream], etc). He'll be content for the first time in his miserable life. House will have to check up on something and go to his room, alone. Everyone will be celebrating. Drinks are flowing and people are laughing. And then Wilson, because it has to be Wilson, will find him in his room, either on his bed or on the floor, dead.

The final scenes would be of the old and new teams, Cuddy with Rachel, Wilson, any living family (his Mum or biological father perhaps), and maybe a few former, notable patients, grieving over a casket. We'll watch as its lowered to the ground. Every person present will be seen dropping roses or earth into the grave. Shots of an empty apartment, a vacant piano seat, an empty office will flash before our eyes. The last shot being House's name on his door.

These are the endings I expect and would like to see. I love morbid, dramatic and heart-wrenching endings. I would love House to end with a bang. Moriarty was never found after he shot House in Season 2... But I don't think it'll be likely he'll appear again. If Shore followed Holmes's "supposed end" Moriarty would be used. There are literally dozens of possibilities for the series end. I'll be heartbroken for a while, but I'll be satisfied as always with House.

So, dear readers, any thoughts?

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