Sunday, April 18, 2010

Doctor Vs. Doctor

It has been three weeks of Eleven's (Matt Smith) reign as the "new" Doctor and a lot of mixed reviews have come out. Most are nit-picking about his "style of dress," "his looks," and his seemingly new inability to solve what's happening in the stories (which is more to do with the current story arc, I'm guessing).

Personally I like him. Eleven is actually a bit more like Nine, reverting to action before thinking of the consequences. Last night's (UK) episode proved that when he went straight for the painful option instead of taking a deep breath and following Amy's lead. [Fellow Geeks, you know Dumbledore would have been proud of her.] I also don't think we've seen the whole of Eleven's "range." He's holding back. There's a lot of passion and anger under the surface. I have a feeling he's going to explode later on. I think Ten had the better introduction with "New Earth" and "Tooth and Claw" (one of my favorite episodes) so we can't hold that against Eleven. Also remember, Eleven is still in the shadow of the greatest and most memorable Doctor in "Doctor Who" history. Poor Eleven is trying to find his niche, give the bloke a break!

So here's the ultimate question on every fans mind: Ten or Eleven or Other and why? It'll be interesting to see if people's opinion's change at the end of this season.

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