Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Parting is such Sweet Sorrow.

My dear beloveds.

I write this in order to pay homage to the passing (well, dismemberment) of one of our favorite things: Tasha's bed. Myself and many others have been very acquainted with that bed. It has been the site of numerous memories. It has witnessed the various fan stages of all our lives, from Harry Potter to Twilight to True Blood. It has kept many of us warm and safe, especially after nights we do not remember. Rock stars have enjoyed the comforts of it with four or five other occupants. Also, they were the cause of the bed breaking, leading to this sad day. With three legs, it boldly withheld its place of honor for several months.

We mourn this terrible loss.

Survivors and dear friends of this bed are Tasha, Milton, Macy, Dennis, Marisa, Cindy, and many others including myself.

Though to be honest, I never slept a whole night in there. I always slept on the couch with Dennis and/or Milton.

A Wake will be held tomorrow evening at Tasha's.

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