Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Favorite Quotes of the Year

So here are a collection of my Favorite Quotes of the Year. Some are simply lovely. Most are hilarious. Enjoy!

Text Message: 'So get any Head last night?" -Michelle [refering to Anthony Head].

Moderator: "So any interesting anecdotes?"
Lisa E: "Um... I made out with Hugh."

"Incidentally, there is a Wii currently being installed on the writers' room TV. So there will be no more episodes of HOUSE, ever. Sorry." -Sara Hess (writer, producer of HOUSE MD).

"Plague and pestilence laying waste to our offices. I'm not saying it's BONES's fault, but...actually, yes, I am. It was totally BONES. I'll tell you one thing: if I get sick, I'm taking LIE TO ME down with me. You hear me @hiwire? I will lick ALL your doorknobs." -Sara Hess

"I'm going to be singing "life is a show" for THE REST OF MY LIFE." -Carla

"I wonder how many geeklings are being conceived at. this. very. moment." -Michael Doughtery during Comic Con.

"I can't steal anything [fron the set]. Only successful person to steal stuff from set was Rickman." -Michael Gambon.

"Characters on dramas need to laugh more. Sometimes that's how you can tell someone's heart is breaking... because they try to cover it." -Jane Espenson (writer of Buffy, Battlestar Galactica, and Caprica.)

"I used to have a lot of bad habits. Now I just call them habits, and don't label them." -John August (currently working on the Dark Shadows screenplay [hopefully]).

"Want to thank everyone who tweeted nice tweets about the House finale. We only mindf*ck you because we love you. (Seriously)." -Doris Egan (writer/producer of HOUSE MD).

"Robert Pattinson has an anteater..."
"What'd you mean an anteater?"

"Last thing that made you laugh?" "Mitchell's Evil Laugh of Doom."

"Drunk Minds speak gibberish which sober hearts remember and make fun of them until it gets old and unfunny."

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