Friday, November 27, 2009

Welcome to the Beginning of the Rest of Your Life.

This will be short and pithy to allow you, humble readers, to know that I am still alive. Yes, I am still here even though my last post was on August 2nd. Even that last post was late and horribly rushed.

Alas, I shall endeavor to neglect this blog no longer!

My new hobby was stealing away all my writings. For now on, I'll be writing everything here first and posting what I've written on other sites I'm affiliated with instead of keeping everything separate. I've watched films that need to be discussed and read books that do need to be stricken from my mind. I will be back berating lazy critics for not doing their research properly in regards to the books and films they review. I'll rant on the current politics that no one seems to be ranting about. I will write stories that are steeped in truth yet so far-fetched most will question whether I am lucky or a BS-er.

So without further ado, sit down, pick your poison, and enjoy.

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