Friday, January 9, 2009

A Couple Treats...

A couple things have come to my attention in the past couple days since I'm back at work and able to read the news a lot more.

First thing up, Big Finish Productions have a couple new Dark Shadow audio dramas that they will be releasing. At the end of this month, they will be releasing "The Wicked and the Dead." I really can't stress on how well made and brilliant these things are. I have the first series and can listen to it straight through for hours. They are more entertaining than most of the television shows up there right now. The stories are classic "Dark Shadows" themes with all the darkness and macabre comedy there for any fan of horror. As a die hard fan, I love how the original actors have worked on these, some even coming out of retirement. John Karlen sounds the same as he did in the 60's! I can't wait to hear Jerry Lacy's voice as the evil witch hunter, Reverend Trask in this new installment.

Next thing up... "Repo! The Genetic Opera" is returning to Los Angeles! For one day only, it will be screening in Santa Monica on January 24th as part as the 3rd Tour director Darren Lynn Bousman and Writer Terrance Zdunich will be on hand presenting it and signing autographs. This article mentions the actors showing up, but it doesn't mention who, where, or when... Los Angles is a safe bet in my honest opinion to see at least a couple of the main cast. These showings have sold out very fast so get your tickets if you live in one of the cities they'll be visiting! If for some reason you've missed the other hundred blogs or reviews out there about "Repo!" read this one HERE. It's a very good one that expresses just the simple joys of this movie...

One more thing regarding "Repo!" that I have to add. Apparently it is the middle movie of a trilogy planned, but we'll just have to wait to know if the "prequel" and "sequel" will pan out. I'm always against sequels because they are never done right, but who knows, right? Yay for pep and optimism!

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