Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tips for Guys who want Girls

Really these should be on every guys "To do List" even before they step out of their house or apartment. Here's what myself and friends and friends of friends look at. I've down my research.

  • Look in the mirror before you walk out. Make sure you don't have mustard or ketchup or anything other food product, hair product that stands out, or anything unpleasant. Girls don't like a messy or dirty guy!
  • Check your breath. That is one of the biggest peeves and turn offs. Who wants to kiss someone whose breath smells like a sewer or rotten food? EW.
  • Check your body odor. Again a girl does not want to hug someone who smells like they haven't showered. Smelling good will get a girl closer to you quicker without even trying. If you smell good, that is one of the biggest turn ons for a girl.
  • Make sure your clothes fit. Not too baggy but not tight. Women like to see what their getting, not what they think their getting.
So just some simple pointers. I've had guys who have approached me who were very cute or handsome, but smelled horrible! I gagged.

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